Municipal Departments

Financial Services


The Directorate Financial Services is responsible for the delivery of all financial-related services to the Municipality.

This includes the following:
--Strategic financial guidance.
--Budget, financial statements and related aspects.
--Expenditure management, which includes salaries and wages.
--Income and account services.
--Supply chain management services

The aim of this Directorate is to keep the financial position of the Municipality stable and to ensure that it will continue to being able to not only meeting its financial commitments but to ensure that economically viable services are rendered to the community on an effective and efficient basis. To maintain the present high standard of financial services the Municipality must adhere to many acts and other legal prescripts, policies , regulations, etcetera. Most important, however, is the Directorate’s personnel, which are very competent and highly motivated.

Core Function

To ensure the effective and efficient management of financial matters

 Key Performance Areas

  • Manage the revenue collection process
  • Manage Municipal Expenditure
  • Ensure effective financial planning

Functional Responsibilities


  • Meter reading
  • Data capturing on all debtor accounts
  • Billing
  • Collection of all monies paid
  • Credit control and debt collection administration
  • Public enquiries and correspondence


  • Control all payments of the Council
  • Administer petty cash system
  • Manage salaries and allowances payments of staff and councilors
  • Control investment system
  • Control grants system
  • Manage IT system for all departments

Financial Compliance

  • Compile and control the Council’s budget
  • Keep the assets register
  • Compile the Financial Statements of the council
  • Compile all reports in terms of legislation
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Control all purchasing systems
  • Manage the Council’s Stores

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