About the Municipality

Vision & Mission

The Vision is seen as the ultimate destination in terms of the IDP Process, with the Key Performance Areas, Development Strategies and Objectives, and projects being the steps required

to reach the vision or destination. The vision is the overall developmental aim for the municipality for up the year 2030, as this is also the vision period with in the KZN PGDS.
The long-term vision for the uMlalazi is as follows :

The Municipal Vision

"A just and prosperous municipality that is people empowering and service delivery driven through good and clean governance with trust of Traditional Authorities and future generations"

The Municipal Mission
"In consultation with traditional authorities the uMlalazi Council will progressively address service delivery backlogs, whilst promoting equal access to socioeconomic development opportunities for the youth, women and people with disabilities, in a lawful and transparent manner."

The uMlalazi municipality in partnership with its community will strive to:

  •   Create sustainable and better services for all;
  •   Ensure a skilled, motivated and committed workforce;
  •   Create mutual trust and understanding between the municipality and the
      community through effective communication
  •   Emphasize better usage of resources;
  •   Provide infrastructure and build investor confidence;
  •   Enhance Batho - Pele principles and B2B pillars;
  •   Create a safe environment for all;
  •   Improve the Green Economy of our community by partnering with all
      stakeholders to create clean & safe place where people live and work;
  •   Ensure effective land use management that take cognizance of sound
    environmental practices;
  • Enhance good governance through leadership excellence & community
  • Facilitate institutional transformation;
  • Ensure continued sound financial management;
  • Provide services to the entire community with diligence and empathy;
  • Apply good and transparent corporate governance to promote community


Connect with us

Main Office
Hutchinson Street, (cnr of Hutchinson and Osborne), Eshowe, Kwazulu-Natal 3815, Main Offices, Clinic and Library

  • dummy+27 (35) 473 3474

  • Butcher Street

  • (Next to Eshowe Sports Club, near to the Sasol Garage), Eshowe 3815, Engineering, Protection,

Emergency Numbers

Eshowe Hospital

  • dummy035 473 4500

Eshowe Police

  • dummy035 473 4211 / 035 474 4911

Emergency Services

  • dummy035 474 2909